image of a lithium ion battery with a hazard label box layered on top of on the image
image of a lithium ion battery with a hazard label box layered on top of on the image

Batteries are an essential part of our modern world. From cars and phones, to medical equipment and more — we rely on lithium ion batteries as the foundation of a lot of tech in our society. 

Additionally, certain batteries are classified as dangerous goods, and transporting lithium ion batteries requires special care to avoid damage or injury. Because of this, the safe and efficient packaging, delivery and documentation of these items is of paramount importance as they move through the supply chain.


Meeting Shipping Requirements

As previously mentioned, lithium ion batteries are classified as dangerous goods/hazardous materials and require strict compliance for packaging and transportation to meet local and international regulations.

Because of the risk involved, there are a number of regulations put in place by organizations to ensure compliance, and help get your package from point A to point B safely.

Organizations and Requirements That Include Hazardous Materials Regulations

Meeting all packaging and shipping requirements is crucial, as mistakes can lead to additional costs and fines for your business, shipping delays, corrective action or even pose a safety risk.

2 logistics employees reviewing info on a tablet while standing outside a warehouse next to a shipping van

Battery Shipping Solutions by Cubic Enterprises


Cubic Enterprises specializes in the packing and shipping of dangerous goods and hazardous materials. We offer a number of services that allow us to supply our customers with excellent lithium ion battery packaging and shipping solutions. 

We are an IATA, 49CFR, IMO and DOT Certified packing and labeling provider. We understand the unique requirements needed for shipping lithium ion batteries, including the proper packing, labeling and DG compliant paperwork. Coordinating dangerous goods shipments with freight forwarders can be very cumbersome and difficult given strict regulations, as a result, Cubic Enterprises can develop a comprehensive solution handling all packaging and labeling and coordinating final shipment. 

Lastly, we also offer specialty services like custom repackaging of bulk goods or managing corrective action for non-compliant shipments.

Benefits of Shipping with Cubic

Cubic Enterprises was founded in 1986, giving us an advanced understanding of the shipping and packaging landscape. Our expertise and understanding of dangerous goods shipping makes us a valuable addition to any battery shipping plan. Beyond shipping, we offer a full suite of logistics services from packaging, to labeling and documentation. Cubic Enterprises is up to date on the latest regulations and requirements so you don’t have to be — helping minimize the risk of damage and injury and ensure compliance with regulations.

We know that the logistics of packaging and shipping lithium ion batteries can be time consuming and ever changing — let us worry about the details and give yourself the time and space to focus on your product. We have a team of experts who are ready to help you develop a solution that works for you. Request a quote today! We look forward to discussing how you can best execute your next battery shipment.