Export packaging became complicated when 15 E.U. (European Union) members, China and Australia started restricting wood packaging from entering their countries. It will become even more complicated since the 118 participating countries of the I.P.P.C. (International Plant Protection Committee) have no identified timeline for the implementation of their packaging restrictions.

Products shipped to these countries that do not meet the packaging restrictions will either be shipped back at your company’s expense, held in customs for an unspecified period of time accumulating fines and storage costs, or may be confiscated.

When you use our services for your export packaging needs, our knowledge and experience will help prevent mistakes before they happen. 

Cubic Enterprises Inc. has an advanced understanding of the shipping and packaging sector, with over 40 years of experience in the industry.  We specialize in the packaging of dangerous goods and hazardous materials such as aerosols and lithium-ion batteries, and completing crating for export orders that need wooden crates and skids for large industrial and commercial equipment.  The care and quality of work that we put into each and every customer’s request are unrivaled in the packaging business.